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10 Most Inspiring Contemporary Mosaic Artists of 2017

The first week of the year means one thing: It’s time to honor the best mosaic artists of 2017! Choosing the best new mosaic artists in any given year is never as simple as it sounds, and it’s always hard to hit the top of the chart. 10 mosaicists stood out this year as they strike that elusive sweet spot where their aesthetics are committed to innovative mosaic artworks! Take a look to see if your favorite mosaicist made the list of the 5 most popular mosaicists in 2017 and mention your favorite in the comment box!

Julie Sperling

Julie Sperling, the most popular mosaicist in 2016, is an award-winning Canadian mosaicist who arouses social as well as cultural awareness in order to alter assessments and knowledge in large-scale issues, such as global warming. Sperling has also made 2017 a year filled with creativity and inspiration.

Copyrighted Credits to Julie Sperling



Nathalie Vin 

Nathalie Vin made a big splash in the art world in 2017, as she has been the subject of numerous major exhibitions this year, begging with her Musiwa17 exhibitions in Firenze arriving at Couleur Lumière Mouvement which embraced her mosaics at Paray- Le-Monial, and finally a magnificent mosaic exhibitions in Ravenna, Italy.

Copyrighted Credits to Nathalie Vin

Nathalie Vin-mosaic

Nathalie Vin-mosaic-art

Nathalie Vin-mosaic-art

Dino Maccini

2017 really was the year of Dino Maccini with finishing as the year’s most creative mosaic artworks. He has also been the subject of numerous articles this year, like the Kinetic Art Movement and Futurist Style Trend. He is a magical storyteller unfolding a futuristic fantasy through mosaic artworks. This Italian mosaicist creates both 2D and 3D mosaics, and his strength across mediums lies in an ability to visualize form and formlessness at the same time.

Copyrighted Credits to Dino Maccini




Beatrice Serre

The color graduations of her mosaics are subtle and appealing, whilst the clever placement of her small frosted shards convey a sense of movement that mirrors the cosmos. Unsurprisingly, in 2017 her cosmic mosaic collection caught the eye of numerous mosaic enthusiasts around the world.

Copyrighted Credits to Beatrice Serre



Olga Goulandris

Earlier in 2017, Olga’s mosaic artworks had a great impact on almost every corner of the Palazzo Medici Riccardi.Her mosaic artworks revive and craft new elements to the conventional art form in several structures! Olga, a passionate Greek mosaicist who found her footing in Italy through her individual technique as well as collaborations. Her mosaic artworks revive and craft new elements to the conventional art form in several structures!

Copyrighted Credits to Olga Goulandris



Rachel Sager

Stubborn, sensitive, honest and creative, Sager is inspired by everything: a fairy tale, a stroll on the beach, even her nightmare dreams. With her symbolic map-inspired mosaic collection, she wanted to highlight three-quarters of a million terms and epic fantasy.

Copyrighted Credits to Rachel Sager


David Chidgey

Is there the slightest doubt that David Chdigey is one of the most inventive mosaicists today? Inspired by his love of nature and the history and culture of indigenous people of the Americas and the Sami of Lapland, his mosaics of vibrant mandalas are among his most celebrated works and those for which he’s best known.

David is one of a tight-knit group of mosaicists who became associated with mosaic art, to emphasize the evolving experience of the art form.

Copyrighted Credits to David Chidgey



Julie Richey

Texas-based artist Julie Richey ( who I admire so much ) is an inspiring powerhouse. Not only is she incredibly clever, she is unbelievably creative. Julie has been involved in the mosaic art form since more than 20 years. Her 3D mosaics and award-winning sculptures have been exhibited across the US, at the Ravenna Mosaico Festival and at the Orsoni Smalti Veneziani foundry in Venice as part of the Orsoni Grand Prize.

Copyrighted Credits to Julie Richey



Lynne Chinn

Since her participation in SAMA Annual Conference in 2003 up until now, Lynne was spanned by her mosaics creation. A large population of art enthusiasts attended the conference to see her artworks. But it’s her current project with Julie Richey and Callie Heimburger at St Jude Chapel in Dallas that’s going to take her to the next level this year.

Copyrighted Credits to Lynne Chinn



Rosanna Fattorini

Using a mixture of found and crafted mediums, Rosanna’s mosaics reflect on her slow rigorous approach to mosaic art. The meticulous precision of her technique and sequential discovery of her subjects, she seems to question the fundamental elements of three-dimensional art.

Copyrighted Credits to Rosana Fattorini



Yes, lots of impressive mosaics in this article, right? Which mosaic artist would you most like to meet? Let him/her know in the comment box below!

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