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22 Sep 2021

20 Subway Stops you’ll wish you had on your daily commute

You might not associate public transportation with art – but metro systems around the world are filled with mosaic art displays. Each of these amazing subway stops has a beautiful art installation that will make you wish you had them on your morning commute! Let’s take a trip around the
11 Sep 2021

Michelangelo’s Favorite Stone – Marble

“Perfection is no small thing, but it is made up of small things.” – Michelangelo Marble has been a staple of upscale homes and public spaces for far longer than you might guess. The association with luxury and quality and positive reputation of this stone has been earned over not
31 Aug 2021

Remembering Chuck Close as a Mosaic Artist

The highly influential American artist Chuck Close passed away earlier this month at the age of 81. His decades-long career showed longevity, even as his physical infirmities affected his style. Large-scale photorealistic works put him on the art world map. Later in life, his portraits using mosaic-style grids brightened subway
20 Aug 2021

How To Transform any Space With Scenic Mosaics

This week, we’re here to tell you about the easiest way to visit the world’s scenic spots! Even better – you can stay home, enjoy the best views, and invite your friends and family to visit with you. Mosaic wall art is perfect for adding a scenic landscape to any
13 Aug 2021

15 Mosaic Tile Art Ideas to Inspire Your Design Dreams

Sometimes, the best ideas for decorating a space are the easiest. Mosaic tile, a popular decorative art for thousands of years, is wildly versatile, requires little maintenance, and provides dazzling effects on practically any surface. Call it design paralysis after a year cooped up inside, but there’s a common feeling
06 Aug 2021

The History of Household Mosaic Tile

Did you know that mosaic tile’s popularity has links to both Victorians and — indoor plumbing? Stay with us as we share a little of the interesting history behind our favorite subject! The United States experienced robust population growth in the late 1800s, and with it, a need for better

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