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26 Mar 2020

The Best Gaudí Mosaics From Around the World

Revered Spanish architect Antonio Gaudí has been in the news in recent years. You’ve likely heard about the ongoing work at Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia cathedral – scheduled for completion in 2026. You’re also likely to associate his works with mosaic art. As a master architect, Gaudí was known for
19 Mar 2020

Custom Mosaics: An Endless World of Creativity

Back in ancient times, it was a status symbol to have custom mosaics in your home. Many of the most famous Pompeiian mosaic artworks were found in private villas. It was a sign that the owner had good taste and discernment. Even today, archaeologists use the preserved mosaic designs to
15 Mar 2020

Life Is a Mosaic Itself! Top 10 Mosaic Quotes

Why is mosaic art so popular? Whenever we feature a new piece of mosaic artwork in our blog, it’s clear that it makes a strong impression. In person, it’s touchable and approachable, and so appealing. Beyond the way it inspires us to reach out and touch the mosaic patterns, and
London Subway Mosaic Tiles
04 Mar 2020

Subway Tiles Gems in the London Underground

We introduced you to the world of NYC subway tiles recently – did you know how much public art was available on a daily commute in the Big Apple? Well, great mosaic art certainly isn’t confined to this side of the Atlantic! This week, we’re visiting London to get inspiration
DIY Mosaic Coasters
24 Feb 2020

How to Make Your Own DIY Mosaic Coasters

One of the most common side effects of Mosaic obsession is the desire to create new pieces. Do you keep looking at our mosaic art supplies? Are you getting inspired to try out new designs?  Don’t worry. Hopefully, you were able to try out some DIY mosaic projects after reading
14 Feb 2020

Isaiah Zagar: the Mosaic Art Dream-maker

Mosaic art is a medium that thrives in public places. In our blogs, we’ve enjoyed seeking out and sharing some of the best examples. On your own travels, you may have seen work by modern master artists such as Jim Fachor, Laurel True, or the mysterious French “Tile Bomber” known

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