19 Feb 2016

Geological Mosaics: Mother Nature’s Artistic Expression

When considering the essence of a mosaic one directly yet subconsciously imagines an anthropogenic creation; a creation derived from a human being. What was the artist’s motive, subsequent ideas and conclusive meanings behind his or her portrayed expression? But what about when we are fortunate enough to find true masterpieces within nature, created by universal elements governed by the forces of physics and laws of chemistry? A brief, yet breathtaking accumulation of Mother Nature’s artistic expression follows:
18 Feb 2016

A guide on how to clean different mosaic tile materials

A comprehensive collection of mosaic tile materials follows to give more of a practical insight on how to properly clean and maintain your mosaic in your household and pleasantly remind you that beauty CAN be low-maintenance.
11 Feb 2016

Year of the Monkey: 8 Fascinating Facts

Want to know how can you Gregorian date of birth, reveal your sign in the lunar calendar? What lies in wait for you in the Year of the Monkey 2016-2017? Here are 8 fascinating facts about the Year of the Monkey to help celebrate this holiday:
18 Jan 2016

5 FengShui elements in Home Decor

Sustaining the correct balance in our daily life appears to be crucial in our general well being.When we are balanced, our whole self works in conjunction with all our other elements to promote positive attributes of our character, conclusively attracting positive energy to our inner and outer self. Thus each of us constantly seeks to find the solution for a balanced life, although that may occasionally seem unrealistic and difficult to accomplish.With the passage of time, the contribution of fengshui philosophy and its corresponding five elements – theory came to practice contributing essential knowledge to create and maintain harmony in our living spaces and subsequently ourselves.
27 Nov 2015

Black Friday: 10 Sales You Don’t Want to Miss

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yep, that’s right.Black Friday is finally upon us and it brings with it an irresistible amount of deals available for those looking to get started on their early holiday shopping. Yes, It is the perfect time to get a jump start on your holiday shopping! Wondering how you can get your hands on the best deals and discounts? Below are 10 Black Friday deals that are worth checking out!
14 Oct 2015

Technical Tidbits: The intricacies of Installing a Mosaic

If you’re reading this blog, then congratulations are in order! You’ve most likely determined that you want to install a mosaic in your interior, and perhaps you’ve also already decided what motif or pattern you’d like your mosaic to take. This can be a lengthy process, so the fact that you’ve reached this point in the design process is worthy of at least a little celebration. Now the next hurdle: how to install this mosaic. You can of course turn to a professional for installation, but depending on the scale and scope of your mosaic, the cost of an expert can escalate quickly. Installing a mosaic mural yourself does not need to be daunting if you spend the time preparing and planning in advance. This blog compiles some helpful hints for the mosaic installation process to ensure your mosaic goes up without a hitch.