09 Mar 2016


Craving a colorful new look but are stumped about where to start? This season’s color palette is an homage to the hues of Spring, an inspiration of desire for rejuvenation in our own lives and a time to renew the excitement and zest for life that lives inside. Inspired to add a dose of fresh color to your home interior, aren’t you? Curious about the latest trends of colors, embracing bright hues and unique combinations? In this article I’ll help you discover inspired hues, and how to bring your indoors to bloom! You will also discover how these colors will invite a fresh scenery to your spaces!
07 Mar 2016

The Artisanal Mosaic Handicrafts-man

When I looked up the word ‘handicrafts-man’ in the dictionary to find the exact meaning of this word, there were two definitions written; a person who practices or is highly skilled in a craft, an artisan & an artist. For me personally a handicrafts-man is an individual that does what he loves and does it right. Meet Johnny Clasper, a man coming from Yorkshire (UK) that brings craftsmanship at its best. This artist started as a bricklayer and ended up being a recognized & well-established stonemason. From a young age Clasper used to spend significant time working on his pottery, wood and metal projects. Nowadays the artists finds himself turning to a new page and creating some of the most captivating patios & mosaics by using stones in a free-form motif.
03 Mar 2016

Bath in Quietude: Traditional and Modern Merge in Your Bathroom

Bath in Quietude: Traditional and Modern Merge in Your Bathroom Ever feel as though something’s not quite right about your bathroom? You think it’s hard to perceive your cosmetics, or your bathtub feels dull and unattractive.Have you recently moved in and stumbled upon a mess? Having a hard time, settling with the fact for many year? Whether you’re looking to add a classical flair to your walls or single out a contemporary rug for your floor, here are 5 ways to make your bathroom soothingly serene, bathing experience!
01 Mar 2016

Alexey Steshak: The Unconventional Mosaicist

This article will be dedicated to the one and only, Alexey Steshak. This contemporary artist from Gorno-Altaisk (Russia) is a fresh artistic spirit in the art world, counting numerous artworks that cover an array of inspirational subjects and ideas. Throughout his carrier the artist has created some of the most impressive mosaic projects, depicting his striking esoteric style. Alexey combines three occupational spheres; he is an artist, decorator and interior designer. He has the ability and creativity to envision a potential project and accomplish it solo, solely by using his hands.
26 Feb 2016

Fine Feathers: Mosaic Peacock Flamboyance

Isn’t the evolution of human artistic creativity highly dependent upon nature and its entailing features (flora & fauna)? Basically, how is it possible not to be awed by the beauty seen in the evolution and genetic exhibition of features witnessed by animals such as the peacock? Their luxurious feathers adorned with a multitude of colorful shades and patterns are utilized as a main method to attract their female counterparts. Basic components of making art consist of color, various patterns and reproduction of visual appeal. Each geographical region, each civilization and hence its entailing culture has been inspired by different animal species to create various forms of art. The peacock is surely one of those special cases.
24 Feb 2016

Mosaics That Look Like the Happiest Place on Earth

Robert Henri once said that the object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable. By perusing this I felt the need to embark one more time on a journey of wonders, a journey through mosaic art. This craft, which never fails to inspire us, where it also offers us an opportunity to dive through the creative process of tiles. This three-dimensional medium has been around for centuries. In fact, the oldest known mosaics come from the 8th century BC, and they were made of pebbles. Historians estimate that the oldest depictions were implemented by Greek designers in the late 11th century. Conversely the common designs were works of locals in the 12th–13th centuries. Normally, mosaics from different epochs and regions have recognizable distinctiveness, and these designs are often conceptually created. Numerous mosaics for instance, have been created to pay tribute or memorialize a certain epoch, god, or place. Some mosaics, on the other hand, may simply be created as a form of the artist’s creative expression. This article will help you explore 5 of the most avant-garde mosaic ideas that look like the happiest place of five different cities in Europe: