05 Aug 2016

Mosaic Designs: Are They Timeless or Timely?

Historically, this art form has been in a process of constant evolution, as it has always been closely intertwined with the history of art and antiquity.These last few years have been mosaic dreams, people are becoming more interested in the art and science of mosaics. However, it’s hard to identify if it’s going to bond or disperse down in history as the next trends of bygone eras. Home decor trends come and go and suddenly, come back again. With many emerging mosaic designs, some will have a persistent power, and some will disperse with cozy breakfast nooks. Where the question remains:

How long will the trend last? Is it Timeless or Timely, and what should I expect in the coming year?

08 Jun 2016

Mosaic Installation Capturing Radiant Light & Color

Liz West creates vivid environments that mix luminous color and radiant light. Working across a variety of mediums, West aims to provoke a heightened sensory awareness in the viewer through her works. She is interested in exploring how sensory phenomena can invoke psychological and physical responses that tap into our own deeply entrenched relationships to color.Meet Liz West and have a look at her recent masterpiece in the former St John’s Church building:

13 May 2016

Floral Mosaic Patterns That Will Make Your Mood Blossom

Summer is everyone’s favorite time of the year (maybe excluding those with hay fever), but not to worry – our article depicts floral patterns that are confined to your wall; not your allergies! After the 1960’s Flower Power movement, floral designs declined steeply in popularity. However, the most powerful symbol within nature is making its comeback in recent years, transmitting a unique summery wave throughout your living space, energizing and enhancing your interior design.

It seems as though everything seems to fall into place during spring-summer as nature exhibits its beauty, setting up the foundation for the food chain as a new productive season begins for surrounding flora and fauna. Flowers start to bloom and gradually the scenery transforms itself into a living canvas filled with vibrant colors, accents, shapes and textures.

05 May 2016

5 Perceptible Tile Styles For Your Kitchen

Rachael Ray once said that good food and a warm kitchen are what makes a house a home. he always tried to make his home like his mother’s, because she was magnificent at stretching a buck when it came to decorating and food. Like a true Italian, she valued beautification in every area of her life! By reading this and as the light of early spring slowly fades away, I felt the need to ask everyone I meet:

Is your kitchen boring you?

Is it the kind of boring room that doesn’t exactly make you want to cook in it?

If you are planning for a kitchen remodel or renovation and want your kitchen to have a zing which makes people look at it in awe, well you have landed up at the right place! This article is an exploration of 5 perceptible kitchen tile style and an attempt to understand that tile can be so much more than a neutral backdrop, and thus how to use each style to bring charm and appeal to your backsplash and beyond!

03 May 2016

4 Unique Mosaic tile Patterns to update your Decor

There are two key points to be taken in consideration when it comes to utilizing mosaic tiles. If you wish to make the most out of the mosaic tiles always ensure the careful selection of the size and color according to the space soon to be decorated. Moreover make sure to select the suitable material according to the room’s natural conditions and purposes in order to optimize practicality and durability aspects of the mosaic.

Utilizing mosaic tiles you add an exclusive accent and a synchronous classy character to your interior design that always meets and expresses any personal taste! Mosaic patterns exhibit a rich artistic history and establish a refined style throughout the decor, obviously guaranteeing supreme quality.

14 Mar 2016

Nautical Mosaics: the Ambience Generators

Nautical mosaics have been stumbled upon in a variety of civilizations throughout history. The classic compass or anchor design is a classic example of these maritime motif-mosaics. However, nautical mosaics can also depict various other aspects of the sea that just bring that unmistakable feeling of being by the sea on a warm summer’s day.