29 Mar 2016

14 Surprising Facts About The Modern Art Movements

Most people know three things about Modern Art Movements:

“Modern art” is a broad term which refers to art produced during the years 1870-1970.
“Modern art” witnessed many of the great international art movements, and also gave birth to entirely new forms of creative expression
Impressionism is the first distinctly modern movement in painting.
However there are a lot of things about Modern Art Movements you probably didn’t know about.

Here are 14 surprising facts you probably didn’t know about the major trends and movements in modern art, approximately dated to when they began, or when they gained prominence.

20 Mar 2016

Mosaics Of 5 Cities In Asia You Won’t Believe Are Real Places

As we are celebrating the International Earth and the spring equinox, let’s take a peek at the wholly magical places that are actually here, on the planet Earth, and specifically in Asia. From the city of ghosts arriving to the sacred land, Asia is pretty wicked with its wonders.Here are 5 the most beautiful mosaics of 5 unearthly-looking cities in Asia, that will make your eyes pop and jaws drop.

06 Nov 2015

Honoring History: The World’s Earliest Mosaics from Mesopotamia

If you’re avoiding that mosaic you’ve always wanted in your home because you’re worried about whether or not it will go out of style, fear not: as history tells us, the mosaic art form is one of the most timeless, as its beauty has been celebrated over the past several millennia. Why should we look so far back in time? On the one hand, it reassures us that the field of mosaic design will forever be a perennial favorite. On the other, it allows us to mine the past for mosaic ideas that we can revive in the present . . . talk about timeless!

29 Oct 2015

The Magnificence of Mosaic Wall Art: The Evolution from Glum to Glam

Creating a piece of mosaicpatterns for your interior will not only add a blast of beauty to your space but it will also make you part of a rich tradition of such decoration that dates back thousands of years. While evolutions occurred in mosaic techniques over these generations, one of the most revolutionary was the transition occurring during the days of the Byzantine Empire (330-1453). Can you guess this one small shift that changed the course of mosaic history? Simply put: the mosaic moved from the floor to the wall.

25 Sep 2015

Modern VS Traditional: Tile Art Story

If your marble tile isn’t making the grade or your carpet is a catastrophe, it might be time to consider a radical yet radiating renovation: adding a floor mosaic to your interior. Incorporating a mosaic into your interior is a guaranteed way to wow your visitors and add an air of utmost sophistication to your room. But where does one begin?

Abstract Mosaic Designs
20 Aug 2015

Abstract Mosaic Designs: Visual Sounds Of Color and Shape

Is abstract art just an excuse to be a bad artist? Why do you think some people like it and others don’t appreciate it? What is abstract art, and how one can appreciate it? Did you know that art enthusiasts are willing to spend millions on abstract artworks? Why do auctioneers and bidders appraise and evaluate artworks? Is there a strategy behind this? In this article you will discover what abstract art is really about and how to contemplate this art movement! You will also discover why do auctioneers and bidders evaluate abstract artworks.